How to get started

Schedule a 60-minute consultation with a physician

During the 60-minute consultation we will cover the following items:

Start 6-month program

Over the course of the program you will receive the following support:

Plan for long-term success

It is our goal to help you loose weight and even more so, keep the weight off. That’s why at the end of the program we will evaluate your progress and create a plan for your long-term success.

Our programs tailored to your goals

Cost before insurance*
Drop 10
Drop 20
Drop 40
Program duration3 months6 months6 months
Semaglutide per week1mg1.7mg2.4mg
Physician consultation
Blood work
Customized meal plan
Virtual workout videos
Monthly checkins with health coach
Monthly checkins with physician
24/7 email support
24/7 phone support

Initial consultation

One-time fee of $379
*Haya Health’s weight loss programs are insurance qualified meaning that, for the majority of our patience, their out-of-pocket is a fraction of the list price. Any amount that is required out-of-pocket can be covered using HSA and FSA funds.

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Diamond Membership

Platinum Membership

Gold Membership

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